Public Health Question

Please select a vulnerable population that is of interest to you in your community. It may be the homeless, single teen mothers, severely mentally ill, those living below the poverty level, etc. Complete the following questions in complete sentences. Your responses should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs for each question and include references at the end of the paper. Points Possible: 25 20 points for content 5 points for utilization of writing guidelines – LEVEL 2 Requirements: 3 pages – LEVEL 2 Provide the definition and characteristics of this population. Research with your local health department or their website the numbers estimated in your community with this vulnerability. (7 points) Identify the needs of this vulnerable population such as shelter, education, food, clothing, health care, transportation, language skills, etc. (7 points) Identify the specific community resources/organizations that your community has to support this targeted population. List a minimum of four organizations that can help support this vulnerable population and include the name of the organization/service, address/phone, website, how they are funded, services provided and who is eligible for their services. (6 points)

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