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Scenario: You’re hired! You are just starting a new job as a community health clinic director and your first task is to tackle the clinic’s archaic, paper-based medical record system. Although the community health center wishes to “go paperless,” the staff has no idea where to start. All eyes are on you to start the process to unravel the mystery of how to “go paperless.” You are commissioned with the task to make sense of the electronic health record solutions available and give a recommendation for which one(s) your clinic should implement. Compose an executive summary of your proposal to your company/co-workers describing your initial plan for this project. Requirements: 2-3 pages Describe your initial plan for this task. Be sure to give a summary of the options you considered, including an in-depth feature comparison and analysis of how they would function in the public health setting (comparison tables/figures/charts are a must, which you can include via a link). Be sure to consider the components that distinguish one product from another (i.e., cost of the product, quality of support plans, integration with existing systems, ease of use, training materials). Finally, identify other steps you could/would take with more time and resources at your disposal.

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