PSYCH 102 CC Sound Components Waves Are Sound Frequency & Sound Amplitude Discussion

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Instructions: Answer the following questions in your own words, citing any outside sources you use. You are not required to reply to a classmate, but can if you’d like. We are using the forum for this particular assignment just to collect your answers. This assignment is worth +15 points.


(1) What are the two major components of sound waves (list & define)? How do we perceive them?

(2) What structures reside within the outer ear, middle ear, & inner ear and what do each of them do?

(3) What are the auditory receptors called? Where are they located? How do they work?

(4) To what area of the thalamus does auditory information go? (You may need to look in the posted lecture notes to find this.)

(5) Where is the auditory cortex located and how are its cells organized?

(6) Describe the place theory and frequency theory of hearing.


(1) What is Broca’s aphasia and what are its major symptoms?

(2) What is Wernicke’s aphasia and what are its major symptoms?

(3) What is alexia? What is agraphia? Damage to what area of the brain seems to contribute to these disorders?

(4) What are the symptoms dyslexia? What are some of the proposed causes of dyslexia? Include in your answer the heritability of dyslexia as well as brain development in people with dyslexia.

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