PSYC CCSF Mapping Police Violence & Civil Right Movement Discussion

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Part 1 – BLM and Mapping Police Violence

Black Lives Matter / Mapping Police Violence: Read the instructions below (also attached)

Due Date #1: See dates Items 1a, 1b, 1c

Due Date #2: See dates Items 2a, 2b 2c

  • Read the article from The Guardian, #BlackLivesMatter: the birth of a new civil rights movement (Links to an external site.). After the first read-through, you should annotate the article by doing the following: On iLearn you will upload the article annotated by you. I should see a different color for the boxes and underlines/highlights (10pts)

    1. Draw a box around each full name of a person listed in the article the first time this person appears in the article
    2. Highlight or underline numbers quoted in the article that represent a numerical summary of either the entire population or a subpopulation
    3. Write a one sentence description of the main idea of each paragraph in the margin of the article. For example, for the first paragraph of the article a summary could read, “Zimmerman verdict announced.” I should see one sentence descriptions for each paragraph clearly! Please print!
  • Go to the following website that was listed in the above article (15pts): Mapping Police Violence (Links to an external site.)

    1. Look through the graphs provided on the first page of the website. List the titles of the 4 graphical displays that you feel are the most powerful, Write a few sentences for each as to why you found it impactful:
      • ____________________________________________________________
      • ____________________________________________________________
      • ____________________________________________________________
      • ____________________________________________________________

3. Go through the rest of the website. Be sure to read “About the Data” and the “Planning Team.”

4. Write a reflection, approximately 250-300 words, about the data, the displays, and the people involved.

  • How do you feel about the way this information is displayed on this website?
  • Is this more or less powerful when you see it in the format?
  • When you reviewed both the article in the Guardian and the mapping website, what did you learn that had the most impact on you?

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