PSY 367 SBU Hippocampus Importance in Brain Structure Article Discussion

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.… (This is the article for the questions that need to be answered)

Instructions: Please answer each question as thoroughly and accurately as possible. When writing your responses, you should be mindful to use proper grammar and complete sentences. Please provide your responses below each of the listed questions.


1. What is the overall purpose of this study? What theories or ideas are being tested in these studies? (4 pts)

2. What were the main hypothesis/hypotheses described by the researchers in the experiment? How did they test their research questions in the context of the Drawing Task? Please include information like sample characteristics, study design including independent and dependent variables, and any control conditions that the authors included in their study. (5 pts)

3. Please give a brief description of what the authors found in the Drawing Task. Do their results support or fail to support their hypotheses for this experiment? Any major confounds or logical flaws that might make you less likely to accept the authors’ interpretation of their initial findings? (5 pts)

4. What did you like best about this paper? What part(s) did you find most confusing? (1 pt)

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