PSY 363 University of South Florida Cognitive Psychology Raising a Child Essay

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Complete all the below sections(for the assignment to be accepted). Begin with a title page: insert your name & Unumber on top right corner and the main title “Raising a Childproject: 1. Assignment” to the middle of the page. Then, insert the first heading below on topof the next page and write the content. Repeat for the remaining sections, using the below subheadings. GETTING STARTED: A NEW HUMAN BEING Create (write a paragraph about) a new person as follows (use e.g., book pp. 339 asfitting). In the subsequent assignments, you should stick to these “facts” about your child, or explain what and why has changed (e.g., a disability, orneighborhood may change over time). Note: for the feasibility of this assignmentcontent wise, your child should be biological (and not adopted). child name and family (two parents, single parent, siblings?) your baby is born into social class, neighborhood, and context (rural area, urban, suburban context) of your child do you perceive any specific strengths, or challenges your child has in development due to contextual, personal, family or other issues (e.g., a loving family, or hardship due to poverty)?Tip: for this last point, see e.g., book pp. 1021to get some ideas; see also genetics in pp. 48

FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH: WE ARE HAVING A BABY! Conduct course modules 13; see book pp. 4377. Describeyour child’s parental backgroundregarding genetics.Were there any genetic risks for your child? Did you do genetic counselingand why, or why not? Write about the context and stagesof pregnancy.Were there any concerns related to risk factors/teratogens for your child andif so, what are the doctor’s estimates regarding his/her future development?What kind of experiences you, or your spouse went through during each of the three main stages of pregnancy? Describe the birth process.Was this your first child? How did thebirth and everything go? When/how did the water “break”? Did you rush to the hospital, and/or ended up waiting for a long time before birth? Was it a natural birth, or via Csection (and if the latter, why)?

THE FIRST TWO YEARS& EARLY CHILDHOOD: THEY GROW SO FAST! Conduct course modules 47; see the book pp. 83227.Describe your baby’s growth and sleeping situation.Are you conducting regular checkups with a pediatricianand why/why not? How is your baby growing regarding normative development (e.g., percentiles)?How is your baby’s sleep developing? What kind of a sleeping situation you have? How is that going for you and the baby (all good, specific challenges)and why do you think that is?Share some things about your child’s brain development. What kind of experienceexpectant and dependent processes your child has shown? How has your child progressed through the three main stages of sensorimotor intelligence (give examples, developmental progression)? Share observations of your child’s temperamentand attachment.How would you describe your child’s temperament and based on what (e.g., certain daily observations)? Has it been easy or challenging to find a “goodness of fit” with your child? Regarding attachment, what kind of an attachment styleyou believe your child has and why? Also, is your child relating similarly or differentially to you and your spouse (if you have one, this may also be a potential expartner who is still in your child’s life) and do you see any challenges there, or all good, and why?

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