PSY 310 Ohio Christian University Lifespan Psychology Development Discussion

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Issues in Lifespan Development Discussion

Differentiate between the issues in lifespan development.

All subfields in psychology come with their own controversies. Lifespan psychology is certainly no different. Your text, LifeSmart: Exploring Human Development (Fiore, 2011) presents the issues well, helping you to understand both sides of the controversy and allowing you to form your own educated opinions.

  • Review Chapter 1 in your text.
  • Note that Nature & Nurture and Continuity & Discontinuity are the two main issues in lifespan development.
  • Prepare to answer the following questions.
    • Which of these sides do you most agree with and why?
    • Explain why these two issues cause controversy in the field of lifespan psychology.
    • What would be a relevant Scripture to support your perspective?

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