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“Implementing Mindful Leadership – Psychologist for a Day”

Imagine you have been appointed to be a psychologist for an important figure in a leadership role; they are currently experiencing stress from work. Your role as his/her Psychologist is to investigate the person’s life (called a case study) and how mindfulness leadership could improve their work life and life in general. The Final Deliverable is a plan to alleviate stress using mindful leadership.

To complete this deliverable, you will need to pick mindfulness activities (considering all of the tasks and lessons you have been through) based on the individual’s personality/interests. For your convenience, this project is divided into 6 different tasks, with suggested due dates. You DO NOT have to submit anything, unless you seek feedback from me. The bite-size chunks are recommended as to not overwhelm you!

Task 1: Brainstorm and research the life of a popular politician, well-known actress/actor, bestselling author, historical figure, professional athlete, famous CEO, etc. Be sure to investigate the person’s personality, work ethic, hobbies, relationships, public behavior, and choices.

Task 2: Research different mindfulness practices that might help this person.

Task 3: Discuss why you chose these specific mindful activities.

Task 4: Connect how these practices could apply to the person’s life.

Task 5: Design a plan on how you could encourage these practices in the person’s life.

Task 6: Support your findings via a PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. presentation with readings, research, and proper APA citations.

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