PSY 250 Stratford University Implementing Mindful Leadership Essay

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Task 5 — Tying it all together

Now that you have gained all of this knowledge about Mindful Leadership, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test!


First, thinking about your own leadership and what you’ve learned about being a Mindful Leader, provide three good examples of how you could be a leader (or cheerleader) in your OWN life, and how this effort can help you in the future.


Next, based on what you’ve learned, design a tool kit which that can be utilized to implement the practice of mindful leadership into your (or someone else’s) life or chosen profession. Your toolkit or manual should outline your plan in substantial detail on how to educate and then apply mindful leadership within your industry of choice and should include resources, references, timeline, activities, detail


Merge your responses from Steps 1 and 2 (300 TO 500 WORDS) and SUBMIT!

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