Project For This Project You Will Play The Role Of A Consultant Who Has Been Com

PROJECT: For this project , you will play the role of a consultant who has been commissioned to develop a record keeping system for a local college. This system will maintain some of the most basic activities of the college that will include support of student records, course records, and specific class offerings as well as student course records, which will track which students are in each offering of a specific class.

You are required to develop an UML with defined class and sequence diagrams for the project. This should include the support of all the identified classes and relationships in your project specification.

Feel free to include additional relationships that may fit your vision of how the project should work. (Note: you are not obligated to implement any relationships in your final application outside of the original specification)

Your project deliverables should include the following:

  • Documentation of your selection of type of relational database that you will use for your project as well as schema of your database. This must include the DML code of the creation of your database tables in the database (mySql, SQL Server) of your choice.
  • A UML Class diagram (minimally including the following classes: students, faculty, student records, course records and course offerings).
  • Your Class diagram should also include all necessary attributes and methods associated with each class depicted.
  • A UML Sequence Diagram, which must address all major objects in your application (students, faculty, student records, course records and course offerings) along with associated messages (communication) between them.

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