Project Directionsdownload The Mini Lab Documentation Here In This Mini Lab You

Project Directions

Download the Mini-Lab documentation here 

In this Mini-Lab, you will need to complete the following: 

1. Debugging in Spyder.

      • Open the file in Spyder. 
      • Remove all existing variables.  Use the debugger to explore all of the breakpoints in the file.
      • Use the fast forward (>>) button to get to the breakpoint in line 24.  Use the step button to execute the code.  A value should now be assigned to the tot variable.  Pause at line 25.  While the program is paused, assign a new value to tot to see how you can edit the code here.

2. Debug the functions.

      • Download the file. 
      • Run the program to identify errors and to debug the prorgram.   
      • Fix the errors and get the code to operate properly.
      • Save the program

3. Provide an explanation of the errors and how you fixed them.

      • In a Microsoft Word document, describe the errors you found in the program
      • Also describe how you fixed the errors
      • Save the document as debug_explanations.docx

Project Notes

    • You can gain experience and knowledge of the Python Programming interface in the Unit 3 and 4 Lab sections or through the examples in the textbook(s)
    • This assignment is worth 5 points and, combined with the first Mini-Lab, will be worth 1% of your overall grade

Submission Requirements

Your submission should include the following two files, uploaded in a single ZIP file:

    • debug_explanations.docx

Instructions for Submitting Your Project

    • Create one (1) ZIP file that includes all of your project documents and files
    • Use the following naming convention Your_Name-Assignment_Name-Date with the ZIP file extension
      • Example:
    • Upload the single ZIP file below. Your project file must be fully uploaded before the deadline published in the course.
    • If your coursework is submitted on time and correctly, the name of the uploaded file will be shown.

Note: Submitting more than one file will overwrite (delete) the previously submitted fileYou may use a different program than Microsoft Word to describe the errors and fixes, but make sure to save the file with the .doc or .docx extension.

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