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1) Install SQL Express Management Studio 2014 from the following link: 2) Recreate the HistoricalEvents and Movies databases using the files found in the folder “Database backup”. 3) For each exercise listed below, create a separate .sql file with the solution. Compress all .sql in a single .zip archive Exercises Exercise 3: Exercise 4: Exercise 5: Exercise 6: Requirements: 200 Historical Events DB Prove that there were 15 events in total which had a relation with Russia OR Germany Create a query to count the number of events per country which took place in the nineties Movies DB Create a list (Id_actor, Name_actor, Movie, NoOscars) of the top 3 movies based on the number of Oscars won. Choose your favorite actor/actresses and list all the movies in which he/she played and sort them by net profit.

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