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1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words:

In many of the case studies I read, surveys are a popular data collection strategy. Surveys are quick, easy, and take less effort on the part of the person conducing the case study. I recently assisted in conducting a case study involving School Resource Officer (SRO) Programs. The survey consisted of the SRO’s role, equipment they carry, and training the attend. The surveys allowed for answers to basic questions, but did not address the challenges or specific needs of SROs. Conducting interviews during the case study allows for a better understand of each school. Each school district is different, has different needs, and may have other needs for a SRO. SRO Programs can be complex and are a highly debated existence in schools. When conducting a case study, these factors will also play into what people say during interviews and how their personal views tie in. When conducting interviews, other information may be brought forward that could have skewed results had it not been known. Survey results can often be more convincing when trying to justify implementing an SRO. If survey results show a strong support for the program, more may be accepting of it.

2.Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words:

I chose to do dealing with Narcotics at the southern border and the primary data strategy that is being used is the direct observation. Border officers are the first people to come into contact with these people and find the drugs and they are the focus of collecting the data available of each case. It is important there is no corrupt officers at the southern border because that can change dramatically the data being collected and the results can be different. Watch if any cues are being told when trying to cross the border between two or more people at the border (Trochim, 2020). The participants are not not aware they are being observed (Trochim, 2020) and the officers are making contact or just looking at camera footage of the situation and takes important notes to be able to use for the future and for prosecution. Then, when interviewing the suspect and asking questions such as where are they trying to deliver the drugs or where is it coming from is a start to find the rest of the drugs and bring it to an end. It is crucial to not make the suspect feel intimidated because they will not say a word and no excessive force either to get important information from them about the narcotics.

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