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Option 2 Scenario

G310 Advanced Statistics and Analytics – Option 2


As a healthcare professional, you will work to improve and maintain the health of individuals, families, and communities in various settings.  Basic statistical analysis can be used to gain an understanding of current problems.  Understanding the current situation is the first step in discovering where an opportunity for improvement exists.  This course project will assist you in applying basic statistical principles to a fictional scenario in order to impact the health and wellbeing of the clients being served.   

This assignment will be completed in phases throughout the quarter.  As you gain additional knowledge through the didactic portion of this course, you will be able to apply your new knowledge to this project.  You will receive formative feedback from your instructor on each submission.  The final project will be due on week 10.  


You are currently working at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the Infectious Diseases Unit. Over the past few days, you have noticed an increase in patients admitted with a particular infectious disease. You believe that the ages of these patients play a critical role in the method used to treat the patients. You decide to speak to your manager and together you work to use statistical analysis to look more closely at the ages of these patients.  You do some research and put together a spreadsheet of the data that contains the following information:

·         Client number

·         Infection Disease Status

·         Age of the patient

You need the preliminary findings immediately so that you can start treating these patients. So let’s get to work!!!!

Background information on the Data:

The data set consists of 60 patients that have the infectious disease with ages ranging from 35 years of age to 76 years of age for NCLEX Memorial Hospital. Remember this assignment will be completed over the duration of the course.

Review each scenario and data set carefully and choose which scenario you would like to work with. Begin Phase 1 of your analysis by including the following information:

  • Option 2 allows you to analyze the ages of infectious disease patients at NCLEX Memorial Hospital. 

1.      Introduce your scenario and data set.

o    Provide a brief overview of the scenario you are given above and the data set that you will be analyzing.

o    Describe the variables in your data set.

§  Are the variables quantitative or qualitative? Explain.

§  Are the variables discrete or continuous? Explain

2.      Calculate the measures of center and measures of variation. (Calculate these using Excel and then copy the results from Excel into your Word Document) 30 Points

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Range
  • Variance
  • Standard Deviation

       . 3. Conclusion                 Recap your ideas by summarizing the information presented.

  • Option 2 Data Set

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