Production Flow Chart Organisational Develop A Food Production Flow Chart For

Production flow chart – organisational

  • Develop a food production flow chart for one of the food production or service areas in your workplace or training environment. 
  • The flow chart should incorporate all stages in the food production system relevant to your organisation and selected outlet. 
  • Identify one potential or actual hazard at each step of the food production process. 
  • Identify if each stage of the production process is a control point (CP) or critical control point (CCP) based on the level of risk.
  • The flow chart can be hand-drawn or prepared using an appropriate computer software program. 
  • The format, symbols and text used in the flow chart to represent the sequence of events and tasks completed must be clear and easy to understand.
  • If desired, use basic flow chart symbols to aid clarity when preparing the flow chart. Go to your Course files and open Assessment D_Flow chart symbols for a list of basic symbols and an example of their use. Alternatively, search the internet to research symbols, their meanings and examples. Use of flow chart symbols is not an assessment requirement.
  • If you wish to use a specialised computer software program to draw or generate your flow chart, make sure your assessor is able to access and open files in that format prior to starting this task.
  • Save the completed document as Assessment D_Task 1.2 Production flow chart.
  • Submit your manual or computer-generated flow chart to your assessor.

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