Prepare Briefings On Public Policy Issues For Senior Decision Makers In Preparation 2766165

Prepare briefings on public policy issues for senior decision makers in preparation for

upcoming budget deliberations (tailored to the appropriate level). As such, they should be based upon the

latest available information, be written from a departmental official perspective and be non-partisan. Your

analyses and recommendations need to be comprehensive yet concise. You should address the following

points as applicable:

§ Budgetary implications (revenue, expenditure, debt, deficit)

§ Effects upon the economy (GDP, inflation, employment, imports and exports)

§ Effects upon citizens and stakeholders (including reactions)

§ Implications for other levels of government (provincial, municipal)

§ Public policy implications (including ministries)

§ Regulatory implications (including legislation)

topic :Scarborough subway – how much is too much?

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