Prepare And Plan Budget Forecasts According To Organisational And Statutory Requirem 3839997

1.1 Establish and report on the capacity of existing financial systems
1.2 Forecast financial data and business system requirements
1.3 Analyse forecasted requirements
1.4 Prepare and plan budget forecasts according to organisational and
statutory requirements
1.5 Prepare and present recommendations for budget expenditure or
for modification of existing projections
2. Analyse current asset
performance and
2.1 Analyse the costs of, and returns from, assets and liabilities using
standard accounting techniques to identify extent of debt and
equity financing
2.2 Establish management responsibilities and legal requirements for
reporting, in consultation with relevant organisational staff
2.3 Analyse and interpret financial reports and key information
2.4 Analyse and evaluate the effects of financial decisions on the ability
of the organisation to meet planned outcomes
3. Set business targets
and compliance
3.1 Collect comparative and trend information and confirm needs for
future budget and associated resources
3.2 Complete negotiations to secure resources in accordance with
relevant short-term and long-term needs
3.3 Allocate resources against the budget to maximise organisation’s
3.4 Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of resource allocation
and usage according to organisational and legislative requirements



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