Prepare A Tender Estimate For The Installation Of 20 Steel Street Lamps In5 Streets 2801521

Prepare a tender/estimate for the installation of 20 steel street lamps in5 streets of a small town to replace ageing concrete lamp standards, usingthe following information.The holes for the lamp standards have to be excavated using manuallabour. The old concrete lamps need to be removed using a lorry mountedcrane or ‘Hiab’, which also serves as an extendable high platform. The old lamps are first disconnected by the Supply Authority, which doesnot form part of the contract. Removal of old standards to contractordepot is part to the contract. The new lamp standards consist of thelanterns (lights) complete with the ballast, ignitor, capacitor and lampalready fitted. The main materials then are the column, the lantern, thecable to wire it, a photo-electric cell, tarmas and the concrete. The lampsare supplied by the contractor to the client’s specification. The lampstandards have to be erected then concreted (6 metre columns specifiedrequire a 1.3 m buried root depth) then the luminaires/lanterns fixed to thetop and connected to the connection box at the base of the column. Inorder to keep the street lighting disruption to a minimum during lampstandard replacement, arrangements are made with the supply authority todisconnect old standards and connect the ‘tails’ (i.e. loose cable one endof which is connected to the lamp standard to be used to connect to thesupply cable) of new standards.

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