Prepare A Proposal For The Eight To Ten Page Paper Due In Week 7 About An Actual Org 3067690

Prepare a proposal for the eight to ten page paper (due in Week 7) about an actual organization of your choice (including your own employer) and a problem that your selected organization is experiencing. Diagnose the problem using organizational behavior (OB) theories, concepts, or models from the textbook and other sources, and if you have a preliminary solution to the OB challenges with the organization (that applies to that model or theory/theories) you can offer it in the proposal. For example, you might discuss a poor organizational culture, problems with job design and satisfaction, the need for more feedback, rewards, and positive reinforcement, or problems with teamwork or leadership. The goal of this assignment is to observe/discover the organizational behaviors within your present or past organizations. The proposal should be about one to two (1-2) pages in length, give a brief background of the organization or theory, discuss the problem or concept, and address what organizational behavior (OB) theories/concepts you will investigate to help solve the problem or address the organizational behaviors. You do not have to recommend a solution in the proposal as your research will help reveal possible solutions. This assignment will be graded for timeliness, sufficient explanation of the organization and problem, and discussion of relevant organizational behavior (OB) theories or concepts. This assignment should be submitted as an MSWord APA formatted document. Please submit in APA format including a title page and a reference page. Submission Instructions: Provide any additional submission directions as well. All papers will be automatically submitted to TurnitIn upon submission.



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