Prepare A Combined User Level Workflow Diagram For The Premium Patio Furniture Case 2926760

Part 1 (5%) Workflow Diagrams
Prepare a combined user level workflow diagram for the Premium Patio Furniture Case Study
provided. Your diagram must be well presented and use the elements discussed in lectures correctly.
You may use any tool you like to create the diagram, BUT it must be submitted in pdf format!
(See specific instructions below.)
Part 2 (15%).
Use Signavio to prepare an EPC for Premium Patio Furniture’s process. Name the Model using the
student IDs of the group members. Make sure to identify the organisational units and actors relevant
to the case study and indicate on the EPC the actor that is responsible for each task in the process. The
EPC must only be ‘one page wide’, but it may span several consecutive pages.
Submission of assignments
Assignments must be submitted within a single zip file via VU Collaborate for marking. This zip file
must contain the following 3 files in the specified format.
1. All models for parts 1 and 2 must be submitted in a single file in pdf format. The file name must
contain your group’s student numbers e.g. s3999998_s3999999Assn1A.pdf. The 3999998/9 in the
attachment filename must be replaced by your group’s student numbers in ascending order. (See the
information below for one method of creating the pdf file.) You must give read access in Signavio for
this model to your tutor.
2. A completed, signed and scanned copy of the assessment declaration in tiff or pdf format.
3. Place the files created in steps 1 and 2 in a single zip file named., but use
your group members student IDs (in ascending order). Submit the assignment via the link provided in
the BCO5501 VU Collaborate space.



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