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Address the following by evaluating your position on Critical Thinking, begin with the end in mind. Once you have completed your business plan, you have prepared your Executive Summary. Only a clear, concise, and compelling of your business plan will persuade your potential members and investors.


Even though you will be writing your summary last, it is imperative for you to complete each part of your business plan well, reflecting the results of your planning and should be crafted only after careful consideration of all aspects of PRBC business.

It is critical for you to ask yourself, “who will be reading and reviewing our business plan? You will improve your chances of a positive outcome. Why PRBC enterprise is beneficial to the end-user? From the information management point of view will it be a successful enterprise once it is implemented? Consider all the critical factors for implementation and predict solutions. Through comprehensive research and review of widely cited literature, various factors will be the backbone of your business plan, communication across the IT and business boundaries. Teamwork; change management program and culture; top management support; business plan and vision; business process; project management; monitoring and evaluation of performance; project champion; appropriate business leadership and IT legacy system will strengthen in each step of the way your outcome.

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