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Power Point on a Ethical Nursing Issue
Each student will present a powerpoint presentation
Approved Topics
Should human cloning be allowed?
Should euthanasia be legal?
Should Pediatric patients have the right to stop their treatments?
Futile care in the ICU setting.
Power Point Guidelines
· Prepare 10-15 slides including one title slide and a references slide – be sure to put your name on the title slide
· Introduce your topic
· Provide an overview of what you learned from the literature
· Describe the implications for nurse leaders
· Be creative – use visuals – don’t put too much content on each slide and keep it interesting. Make sure that you do a thorough internet search and review of the information available on your topic – please go beyond the nursing literature.
How the assignment will be graded
The following rubric will be used in grading your assignment:
Criteria Points
Adherence to assignment guidelines 50
Grammar, sentence structure, & format 25
Critical thinking, creativity, and topic research 25
at lease 3 cited sources not older than 2015

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