POS 3063 Keiser University Functions of Boards and Committee Discussion

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If you cannot attend a meeting in person, please use this as the approved alternative for this assignment. Files are from the October 15, 2019 meeting of the Murphysboro School District 186 School Board meeting. Below is the link to the video file (Meeting, 2019). Attached please find the minutes document (Minutes, 2019). I am still looking for the actual agenda. I will post it as soon as I locate it.

To cite the minutes, use this format in the reference list:

Minutes. (2019, October 15). Regular board meeting. Murphysboro School District #186 [pdf]. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2XlVvX7kb98OXFBYjA2R1lZc2c5VDhHVll3ZVd6X3BRbGVR/view

Murphysboro. (2019). Regular meeting. Murphysboro School District #186. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV4E1JgeZR4

Your project must be at least 2000 words in length to earn full credit. This word count does not include the cover page or reference page.

Here is the rubric I will use to grade your project:

POS 3063 – Final Research Project Rubric

Content—all areas are addressed 80 points total

Possible points



Attended a local government meeting


Researched the function of the board or committee and cite all sources in-text and in an alphabetize reference list.


Summary accurately represents the issues discussed at the meeting and how they relate to the responsibilities of the governmental entity you have chosen. Also includes in-text citations for the summarized information and an alphabetized reference list.


Mechanics 20 points total

Correct APA formatting is used for all citations


Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling and APA formatting are followed.




Word count/page count deduction, if applicable

Late -5/day if applicable




All assignments for this course must be supported by scholarly evidence using APA formatting. No in-text citations = zero credit. No reference list = zero credit. Be sure to cite your required course text at a minimum. You must include page numbers with in-text citations when summarizing/paraphrasing information from the book. Do not use any direct quotes. Do not use Wikipedia, Ask.com, Answers.com, WiseGeek, Quora, or other non-scholarly sources. Do not use any other books as resources for this class. To cite the book in-text (Bowman & Kearney, 2015, p. x). Replace the x with an actual page number.

To cite in the reference list:

Bowman, A. O’M. & Kearney, R.C. (2015). State and Local Government: The Essentials. (6th ed). Cengage Learning.

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