POLS 1000 BCC Political Science Shulsky & Schmitt Views on Intelligence Discussion

Shulsky and Schmitt ourline two different views on intelligence : the “traditional” and “new” views. Those who hold the traditional view argue that secrecy is highly essential and intelligence information should only be known by the head of state and other top officials. Those who hold the new perspective on intelligence argue the opposite–that good intelligence requires data and that the information obtained should be made known to the world. Shulsky and Schmitt state that “we are or should be entering a period of free trade with respect of intelligence, in which the large number of information available because of modern technology can be seen to provide mutual rather than one-sided benefits.” (Shulsky & Schmitt 2002, 167) 

US Defense Department attorney Jonathan Fischbach supports the new view and proposes that ordinary citizens could play a key role in providing information from their smart phones and other household technologies that could help the IC (intelligence community) detect  potential attacks by weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).Link (Links to an external site.)

Do you agree with the traditional view or the new view of intelligence? In your answer refer to the reading with a specific page number and use Fischbach’s example of WMD attacks (Fischman 2018) to support your argument.  

Please comment in 300 words and reply to a classmate in a post introducing a new idea.

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