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Instructions: In this lab you will not be using software, but looking at how to practically implement data collection techniques.

Make sure to answer each question with complete sentences and be explicit on how you are using the principles discussed in class, e.g. where randomization is used, placebo, etc.

Goals: The purpose of this lab is to learn how to apply the standard observational study techniques and experimental techniques to real world scenarios. Suppose that you have a spreadsheet of data on all PLNU students containing their name, email, major, and year in school and their first class of the week. Also suppose that for any experiment all of these students are willing participants.

1. Suppose you would like to know how engaged students are in their faith and have a Faith Engagement Survey instrument with questions about this. Suppose you only have the time to administer 400 surveys.

a. Explain how you would conduct this survey using simple random sampling.

b. Explain how you could conduct this survey using stratified sampling.

c. Explain how you could conduct this survey using cluster sampling.

2. Suppose that you wanted to see how student engagement in faith is different at different time points in school, what type of observational study do you believe would provide the best data for this? How would you conduct such an observational study?

3. Suppose you are interested in the most effective way to study for classes in college. Specifically, you would like to know whether studying in a group for an exam is more effective than studying individually. In each case, suppose you have 40 participants in each treatment group. Explain how many total participants you would need.

a. Explain how you could conduct an experiment using simple random design to test the hypothesis that studying in a group is more effective than studying individually.

b. Suppose you believe there are differences between this technique depending on your level of experience as a student. How might you use block design to provide insight into this aspect?

c. Explain how you could conduct this experiment using matched pairs tests.

d. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each of these techniques for this particular scenario.

4. We could also address the previous question using an observational study.

a. Explain how we could do this using a simple random sample.

b. Explain how we could do this using cluster sampling.

c. Of the techniques presented in the previous question and this one, which do you think would produce the most useful data? Which would be easiest to conduct? Justify your answer.

5. Sometimes students and faculty get headaches while spending too long on Zoom. Suppose a drug company is developing a new medication for headaches. Design an experiment using simple random design to test the effectiveness of the new medication. Be sure that your plan has all of the features for good experimental design we have discussed in class. Make sure to clearly define each of these components in your example.

**Please be sure to use original work

Can set up the paper in numbered format following the instruction guide, but make sure to use complete sentences.

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