Please Watch The Bbc Production Featuring The Enigmatic Hans Rosling And Then Po

Please watch the BBC production featuring the enigmatic Hans Rosling and then post a 300 word commentary of your views and thoughts and reflections on the Discussion Board – follow this with at least one additional post(s) of about 75-100 words that is a response to other students postings.

Please be sure to make an effort to discuss what you personally think and avoid any form of ‘copy and paste’ model. It is your own opinions, reflections and commentary that you should provide for the forum to be effective and interesting.

Please be sure that you:

  • do not ‘copy and paste’ information in the posts
  • feel free to discuss your own personal views and reflections on the topic 
  • try to minimize or avoid generalized comments – such as – “this is really a huge problem and the government should do something about it.”
  • feel free to include personal anecdotal information – things that you have personally experienced are great to include
  • feel free to include information that you have learned in other classes and/or in your own personal reading – please give a reference/link if relevant
  • please be sensitive to others viewpoints – especially if you don’t share their opinion on a particular issue
  • upload your 250-300 post on the discussion forum first before you respond and make your second post
  • make as many response posts as you wish.
  • link:

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