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1. If you were a manager dealing with a baby Boomer, how would McGregor’s X-Y theory apply to that Baby Boomer?

Must be APA format

2. Review the readings on “Human Relations Theories of Management”. Based on the literature, how relevant are these theories to today’s management practices?

must be APA format 500 words


Bartram, T., Adam, D., Edwards, T., Jalette, P., Burgess, J., & Stanton, P. (2019). A comparison of contemporary human resource management and employment relations practices of japanese and US multinational corporation subsidiaries: Evidence from four countries. Relations Industrielles, 74(4), 742-779. Retrieved from…

Farhadi, A., & Rezaee, M. (2017). The relationship between human resource management and knowledge management with corporate social responsibility. Journal of Economic & Management Perspectives, 11(3), 625-636. Retrieved from…

Gigliotti, R. A. (2015). Discursive shifts and 360-degree feedback: Applied managerial movements for human capital leadership. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 12(2), 41-49. Retrieved from…

Habtoor, N. (2016). Influence of human factors on organisational performance. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 65(4), 460-484. doi:

Ronald, B., & Malcolm, W. (2017). The role of the human relations school vis a vis today’s human resource management. Advances in Management, 10(10), 1-5. Retrieved from…

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