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You will write a 3,500–4,000-word (14–16-page) Research Paper in current Turabian format, on a topic of your choice by using the list below. Papers may address one of the following topics:· The life of Muhammad· A specific aspect of Islamic history (e.g. the Ummayad dynasty, Crusades, Ottoman Empire)· A specific aspect of Islamic theology (e.g. the Quran, salvation in Islam, Muslim prayer)· A sect of Islam (e.g. Sunni, Shia, Sufi)· Folk Islam· A specific Muslim people group or country (e.g. Islam in Iran, the Kayble Berbers of Algeria)· Strategies for witnessing among Muslims (e.g. answering common objections to the Gospel, storying among Muslims)· Church planting among Muslims· Controversial issues related to reaching Muslims (e.g. insider movements, Jesus mosques, the Camel method)

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