PHY 241 Arizona State University Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales Worksheet

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TK = TC + 273 TF = 1.8 TC + 32

L = LO + a LO (delta T) Q = m c (delta T) Q = m L


  1. Find the common temperature when the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales exactly coincide. (2 points)
  1. A small square of steel has an edge length of 1.500cm at 25.00°C. Find the increase in the surface area of the square if it is heated up to 200.00°C. (3 points)

(Take aSTEEL = 11 x 10-6 / K)

  1. What mass of ice at its melting point must be mixed with 50.0g of steam at exactly 100.0°C, in a thermally insulated container, to produce liquid water at a final temperature of 20.0°C? (5 points)

CW = 4.18 J/g.K

LF = 333 J/g

LV= 2256 J/g


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