PHIL 277 Schoolcraft College Ethical Egoism and Virtue Ethics Essay

I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

Write a 2 page paper following MLA guidelines. You will be penalized for failure to follow MLA (please refer to the links provided in the orientation in order to make sure that you follow current MLA standards). This paper will consist of two parts.

In the first part you need to explain, in your own words, ethical egoism and virtue ethics. In the course of your explanation, make sure to distinguish psychological egoism from ethical egoism, and to also explain what a virtue is and how virtue relates to character.

In the second part of the paper you need to pick either ethical egoism or virtue ethics (but not both) and provide and explain your own criticism of the theory that you picked.

This assignment is worth 75 points and will be evaluated using the PHIL 277 Short Paper Writing Assignment Rubric, which is available when you open the assignment.

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