PHIL 2306 Houston Community College Ad Misericordiam Fallacy Essay

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Write 3 paragraphs explaining the following:

1. Define ONE SPECIFIC informal fallacy (i.e., “ad hominem,” “slippery slope” etc.) Make sure to use a formal definition and cite the source. Cite as (author, year, page number)

2. Explain the informal fallacy by using an example of an argument that commits that fallacy. The example of the argument should be in quotation marks. Or, provide your own example of an argument that commits the fallacy. Remember, you are USING the example to support your explanation of how the fallacy works, so explain the example briefly.

3. Explain how the fallacy is a using faulty reasoning (i.e., explain WHY it is a bad form of reasoning). Give sufficient explanation to show your reader why that fallacy is irrational.

4. Provide bibliography.


Joe Lau – Fallacies and biases (Links to an external site.) – Link :

“Informal Fallacies by John Arthur.” You may also use for examples of fallacies. On the left-hand side of the web page, there is an “alphabetical list of fallacies” that you can search through.

*Practice structure. Keep paragraphs separate, and introduce topics in order.

*Use signposting. The first sentence of each paragraph should indicate what the paragraph is about.

* Follow structure: Write one topic per paragraph. Keep in mind that when you EXPLAIN an idea to your reader, you must first define it, explain it with examples, and then assess or critique it, in that order. Paragraphs should have one topic per paragraph. Never critique an argument before you explain it. Pretend that you are explaining to your friend who has committed a fallacy. Your friend does not know what is wrong with his way of thinking, so use details and examples to show your friend how the fallacy works, and give sufficient explanation of what is wrong with his reasoning

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