PHIL 202 Upper Iowa University Duty Based Ethics & Kantian View About Animals Discussion

Your initial response to the discussion question should be 100-300 words.


Kant’s duty-based ethics implies that stealing is always wrong. Using either the universal rules or respect for persons version of the categorical imperative, explain why stealing is always wrong. Do you think stealing is always wrong? Is there any situation where taking something that doesn’t belong to you without permission would be ethically okay to do? Explain.


Kant believes that human beings have a kind of value that is incomparably greater than the sort of value that inanimate objects, plants, and non-human animals have. In other words, people, just because they are people, are more valuable than anything else. Using this idea, explain how a Kantian might think about one of the following: exploiting people for money or experimental research on animals. Do you agree with the Kantian view? Explain.

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