People Should Have the Right to End Their Lives

Sometimes when someone is faced with a terminal illness, they lose hope and feel that since they are going to die anyway, and there is no need to undergo treatment and endure pain. To such a person, any care or medical attention is useless. More importantly, there are some circumstances when medical professional are faced by crucial ethical considerations on whether to terminate a patient’s life due to some overriding factors (Veatch, 1988). Medical professional are, however, expected to make the best decision for the patient. When such situations arise, a terminally ill person may choose to end their life.

Terminally ill patients go through a lot of pain and suffering. Therefore, it is easy to understand when they wish to be free from the pain through death. Opinion from terminally ill patients is that they should be allowed to make a death wish if the treatment is ineffective and involves a lot of discomforts (Chapple, Ziebland, McPherson, & Herxheimer, 2006). This sentiment is shared by people who feel that they can no longer enjoy an ordinary life.

On the other hand, there are those who take a different opinion especially because of the effects the death may have on family and loved ones. In my opinion, this is quite a selfish take bearing in mind the well-being of the sick person. During such times of pain, the patients cannot achieve their desires in life, and it is only fair that they are allowed to choose whether to end their suffering.

In conclusion, the end –of- life decision is complicated, and the law was enacted to incorporate all stakeholders such as healthcare providers, patients and their family in the process. Whereas patients have the rights to ease medical economic burden and their suffering policies have been put in place to regulate the right to end life. The right to end life need to be exercised with assistance from medical professionals.


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