Paul Is Constructing His New Holiday Home On An Exposed Sea Front Site He Goes T

Paul is constructing his new holiday home on an exposed sea front site. He goes to ‘Brick-for-All’, a local building supplies firm, to buy bricks. Paul says that the bricks are required for external use, but does not say where his house is being constructed. Brick-for-All shows the range of brick types to Paul, who chooses one called the ‘Sparkling Brick’. Aileen, Brick-for-All’s manager wishes to discuss the limitations on the ‘Sparking Brick’, however she hesitated as Paul appears to be in the rush to purchase the bricks. Paul signed the contract with Brick-for-All and the bricks are delivered and Paul uses them in the construction of his house.

‘Sparkling Bricks’ are made not of clay, like other types of brick, but of compressed paper. In respect of the bricks used on the front of the house, which face the sea, a chemical reaction caused by contact with significant amounts of sea salt renders them porous so that damp enters the houses. The bricks used on the walls at the rear and sides of the house, which do not come into contact with seawater, do not allow damp into the house. As a result of the damage to the front walls, the houses are unfit for human habitation and Paul has no option but to demolish them.

Advise Paul on his entitlement under the terms of the contract, specifically under the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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