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This is the research project.

  • Research Project
  • Assignment Rubric
  • Dissertation Template
  • Practical Connection Project (PPT was be posted under this link)

Carefully examine the findings and recommendations that are mentioned in the attached file “ReferencePaper.pdf”


The research project should be at least 15 pages in length. Each section of the research project has specific requirements. In this assignment, a paragraph is 4-6 sentences directed towards a particular subtopic. Using the APA 6th Edition format, each group should provide the following information about their research project.


PowerPoint Presentation You are also required to do a presentation of the study on the last day of the residency. Everyone in the group will participate in the creation and presentation of the research project. This presentation should have a minimum of 15 slides covering the following areas below. These 15 slides do not include your title or reference slides. All of your information must be cited according APA Sixth Edition Format.

• Introduction of the group? 

• What is the research problem (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the research statement (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the title or topic of the research project? 

• How did create the topic (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the purpose of the research (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the research question? 

• How did you crate the question (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the chosen research methodology? 

• What is the reason this methodology was chosen (Provide academic process)? 

• What is the chosen research design? 

• Why is this the chosen design (Provide academic process)? 

• How would this research contribute to the body of knowledge (Provide academic process)?

Attaching the sample papers for reference

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