Part One Compare And Contrast The Three Different Explanations Of How Vertical I

Part One:

Compare and contrast the three different explanations of how vertical integration can create value. Include an argument for which explanation you think is best and why? HAS TO BE 150 WORDS.

Part Two:

Compare and contrast the three types of corporate diversification. Include a brief example of each strategy in your answer.

Part Three:

Write a 3 to 5 page paper (750 to 1200 words, not including the cover page and reference page) in APA format in response to the prompts below. Please click here to view the criteria by which you will be assessed for the achievement of the CLO for this unit.  Please use this APA Sample provided in Unit 1 to complete your assignment. This assignment will also assess the Institutional Learning Outcome of Critical Thinking. Visit the LIRN and find peer reviewed journal articles that support your positions in the responses. Write your paper in an essay format.

a.    Substitute the example firm from the Chapter 6 Problem Set 6.12 on page 184 with the company you selected in Unit 1, and explain why you would or why you would not recommend vertical integration.

b.   Examine the corporate Web site for your selected company and explain how you would characterize their corporate strategy. Are they following a strategy of limited diversification, related diversification, or unrelated diversification? [From Chapter 7, Problem Set 7.6 on page 214].

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