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Post the question you have been assigned and your answer to that question. Assignment needs to be a minimum of 300 words. Your answer to the question needs to incorporate and make specific reference to the textbook. The references need to be discussed as to how they apply to your observations in response to the assignment question. Remember to cite your sources.

At the end of your assignment post a question to the class related to the question you have answered. The question needs to be related to the topic—something you might have thought about when you were completing your assignment.


Select 2 “Scholarly Definitions of Courage” in the Positive Psychology text) and 2 “Laypeople’s Response to the Question What Is Courage” (in the Positive Psychology text). Discuss why you think each of the 4 descriptions is important and is most descriptive of courage from your perspective. Definitions need to be discussed separately. The text needs to be referenced and the references need to be discussed critically as to how they apply and not simply reported; observations need to be in your own words reflecting an understanding of the information.

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