PAD 4720 UCF Health Officer Practitioner Public Health Video Analysis Discussion

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Actual video:…

Based on the talk today, you will be asked to respond to several items the speaker discusses.

Then, within five days, contrast your observations with one other student.

Here are the items to respond to:

– discuss the speaker’s education and career

– what does the speaker actually do? Who is the speaker’s ‘supervisor’?

– discuss how the speaker uses research or data in his position.

– What do you think is the speaker’s greatest skill? Think about your own strengths and weaknesses, do you feel you would like this position? Give two examples from your life supporting your decision.

While length is not critical, thoughtfulness about your responses is important. You must post before seeing other responses. Those who enter the discussion without posting their thoughts will receive a zero on the assignment. Don’t forget to compare with one other student.

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