Pace University Gallery Homage Research Paper

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  1. A very brief bio of the artist you chose to imitate in your homage piece. Write just three or four sentences about them, to give a very basic background. (Longer bios are available on the gallery website.)
  2. In about 1/2 page, please describe what attracted or interested you about this artist’s work. Did the dimensions and media used in the piece play a role in your interest? the palette? the technique? the subject matter? the artist themself?
  3. An image of the artist’s work that inspired you (this can be a photo you took, or one downloaded from the gallery website. [500kb to 2MB]
  4. You need to create a homage or in the style of the artist, using the same scale (size dimensions) and media.) [500kb to 2MB]
  5. Also, please include a text file (.docx is best) of the information you answered in 1 and 2, explaining who the artist was, and why their work interested you.

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