Organic chemistry e×am

I have an Organic chemistry e×am in about 1 hour. the e×am is 1 hour long. Our instructor allows us to see the previous year’s e×am so I have attached the answer key to that. Expect the e×am to cover the same topics and be the same length or possibly shorter. Once the e×am begins, I will send you the file and I will need the answers sent back an hour after I send it to you. It is best if you print out the entire e×am and write on it, then send back a PDF scan of the answers. My submission must be exactly as long as the e×am and the questions must be answered on the pages that they were assigned. If you prefer to answer the questions on a blank sheet of paper rather than printing it, the questions must be answered on their respective pages. For example, if question 4 was given on page 6, then on the 6th page of the submission, question 4 must be present. a cover page must also be included, similar to the first page of this attachment. This headache can be avoided if you just print the e×am and write directly on it. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH ANY OF THE TOPICS IN THE ATTACHMENT, THEN DO NOT ACCEPT THIS QUESTION. thank you. Requirements: exactly as long as the e×am

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