Online Discussion 3 Nuclear Filmpart 1watch The Film Chernobyl Heart And The Oth 1

Online Discussion 3: Nuclear Film

Part 1

  • Watch the film Chernobyl Heart and the other Chernobyl films.
  • You can find it here  
  • What thoughts did watching these films provoke?   Do not write a synopsis. I want your thoughts, not a summary!

Part 2

  • Watch the films on Fukushima
  • What about Fukushima?
  • How bad do you think it really is?
  • Will you continue to eat food (including sushi fish) produced by Japan?

Part 3

  1. Do you recommend irradiated food? If not, what legislation or labeling do you recommend?
  2. What is your best idea to deal with nuclear waste?
  3. Knowing what you now know about nuclear power plants, do you think nuclear energy is a good idea? Are the accident risks worth the energy and the relative freedom from petroleum? If you say yes, will you accept a nuclear power plant close to your home?
  4. What should be done about depleted uranium weaponry? Is the military advantage worth the risks of radiation to our soldiers or civilians?

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