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Part 3:

  • Answer these questions:
    • What is the 3rd most popular product category?
    • How much revenue does the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ running shoe earns?
    • Modify the query script and provide the product name with the least revenue and how much the revenue amount is.
  • Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did EACH task above and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!
  • Provide complete script/code and results in the submission file.
  • Attach EACH script/code in text format to the submission. EACH line of the script must be commented or explained
  • Part 3 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 3 steps.
  • Analysis: describe the cons and pros of the performed tasks, difficulties, issues, how easy (or not) was it to resolve them.
  • Conclusions summary (1/2 – 1 page): Summarize your experience, findings, thoughts, comments, ideas for the future, etc.

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