One Of The Most Useful Tools You Will Use In Your Role As An Information Securit 1

One of the most useful tools you will use in your role as an Information Security professional is a

hardening checklist.  Essentially, it is a document that serves as a guide to configuring a desktop / system security.  Please develop this guide for a windows 10 desktop environment.

The hardening checklist will take the form of a table or chart that lists how the Windows 10 desktop should be hardened.  This will be culmination of everything you have learned, in terms of Operating Systems, Security Controls, and various strategies that can be employed.  Essentially this documents will summarize everything you know about securing a system in an easy to follow checklist.  You should try to provide a short and quick one sentence description on each setting or task that you are recommending in the checklist.

Harden Windows 10 – A Security Guide IntroductionHarden Windows 10 – A Security Guide gives detailed instructions on how tosecure Windows 10 machines and prevent it from being compromised. We…

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