On The Week 1 Worksheet Select The Number Of Daily Orchestrafront Tickets Sold I

On the Week 1 worksheet, select the number of daily OrchestraFront tickets sold (in the range C3:G3). Create a

validation ruleto accept only whole numbers between 0 and theavailable seating limit in cell B3. Create an input message, usingthe seating type from cell A3 as the title text. As the inputmessage, type Enter the number of tickets sold per day. (include the period). Create an error alert for therange using the Stop icon. Type Invalid Data asthe title text and enter the error message as You entered an invalid value. Please enter a number between 0 and 86.(include the period). Repeat this procedure for each of theremaining rows in the range C4:G6. Change the maximum value in theerror message based on the value in column B.

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