On October 1 White Way Stores Inc Is Considering Leasing A Building And Purchasing T 1955944

On October 1, White Way Stores Inc. is considering leasing a building and purchasing the necessary equipment to operate a retail store. Alternatively, the company could use the funds to invest in $180,000 of 6% U.S. Treasury bonds that mature in 16 years. The bonds could be purchased at face value. The following data have been assembled:Cost of store equipment$180,000Life of store equipment16 yearsEstimated residual value of store equipment$15,000Yearly costs to operate the store, excluding depreciation of store equipment$58,000Yearly expected revenues—years 1–8$85,000Yearly expected revenues—years 9–16$73,000Required:A.Prepare a differential analysis as of October 1 presenting the proposed operation of the store for the 16 years (Alternative 1) as compared with investing in U.S. Treasury bonds (Alternative 2).

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