Oligopoly Australia Or Worldwide Wad Limit 580 Words Reference Doesn T Count 4 2360431

Oligopoly (Australia or worldwide) wad limit — 580 words(reference doesn’t count) 4.
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• Find up to three examples from everyday life in which you can apply up to three economic concepts that we have seen during the course. Alternatively, you can choose one example and develop one or more economic concepts. Other essay structures that suit the purpose Att/lawd, as the structure of the essay per se is far less important than its analysis and content…
• Whenever possible, attach a picture of the anecdote with your submission with a citation and reference…
• Note that the examples chosen cannot duplicate or be inspired by any in the book by Dan Houagnuesib, Economics Is Everywhere (2014)0
• On the one hand, depth of analysis is important, therefore, one example in which you develop several concepts is probably going to have a deeper analysis than three unrelated examples. However, it is better to develop three unrelated straightforward examples than spending too much time describing other’s work. Quality, not quantity is what really matters…
• Give your grandmother or non-economist friends your essay to read and see if they can un-dgutatd the story and whether they 4 it original. Ideally, they should have understood a new concept that they can apply to their everyday lives«,



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