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OBJECTIVES • Create a GUI that uses JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JTextArea, and menus. • Process multiple events. PROBLEM: BurgersRUs Point of Sale system Burger Barn needs a point of sale application. The products and prices are as follows. Burgers: single $3.50, double $4.75 Add cheese: + $.50 Add bacon: + $1.25 Make it a meal: + $4.00 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS You can code the GUI by hand or use NetBeans GUI builder interface. The GUI should use JRadioButton to choose single or double burger. • Single burger • Double burger It should use JCheckBox for add ons. • Add cheese • Add bacon • Make it a meal JTextField for item price, order quantity, order total JTextArea to display the receipt Create a menu with the following options. File Order Exit Add to Order Clear for next item New Order As the user selects items, the item price should be calculated and updated accordingly. Note that quantity should default to 1. The user can change if needed. Once choices are made and quantity is entered, process the order using the menu options. Order—Add to Order Displays the choice and price in each text area. Note that multiple items can accumulate in a single order Updates the order total Order—Clear for next item Clears the checkboxes. Note that quantity should default to 1 Order—New Order Clears the GUI and totals for a new order File—Exit Exits the program. Use System.exit(0) commad. Sample GUI Document Preview:

This document is for Coventry University students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be passed to third parties or posted on any website. Any infringements of this rule should be reported to facultyregistry.eec@coventry.ac.uk. Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing 246COM Computer Simulation Assignment Brief 2017/18 Module Title: Computer Simulation Ind/Group Cohort Module Code Individual 1819 246COM Hand out date: Coursework Title: CW2 Assignment submission 19/11/2018 29/10/2018 Lecturer: Dr Magesh Nagarajan Due date: 14/12/2018 1800 Estimated Time (hrs): 30 hours Coursework type: % of Module Mark Assignment report submission 70% Word Limit*: 2000 words Submission arrangement online via CUMoodle: In class quiz in Moodle File types and method of recording: Mark and Feedback date: ? Each student will receive a feedback report in two weeks of their submission. 5/01/2019 Mark and Feedback method: Formal feedback will be provided in Moodle. MODULE LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSED: The following learning objectives are evaluated in this assessment. 1. Demonstrate understanding of the principles and techniques associated with simulation modelling and business process and logic modelling languages. 2. Use simulation techniques and software to develop and evaluate appropriate scenarios for use in the analysis and evaluation of business alternatives. 3. Understand the concept of probability/randomness and how it can be modelled to produce realistic simulation models. 4. Develop a working knowledge of a discrete-event simulation software package such as Simul8. Tesco Groceries: Processing online grocery orders efficiently Tesco PLC is one of the largest grocery and general merchandise retailer in the UK. Tesco has been promoting online grocery shopping to provide personalised service by delivering ‘freshly clicked’ grocery items to customer’s door…



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