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Objective This asagnmeol MI wen:duce you to inexprocess communeaton to UNIX using steam sockets.
Walsh Codes
A Walsh code of length n is a set of perfectly orthogonal ccdenords Oa can be dotted and generated by to rem W a 2r Hadamad mark Statrg with a 1¦1 minx 101. Nethererder Iladamard metros can be generated by the fabrArg recursam:
/Sr. Hr.) Ka. tHa•-• X,.-.J For oar program we mil use tk. Given Ns ‘101. he hate
100 0 0 001 H _0 1 II 1 • 0 0 I I 1 1 so tot on Walsh cedes of length A represented ti a Itpaar ken (L1), and using patio* lock (0 *qua to .1. rid 1 °goalie .Dater tab IPA M.1.41.1.*11. wa1.1..ifri.41). old tes • F1.41.41. 11. Note Or those codas are rutuady rampant that la the doe product of any pair of codes a zero.
You must rile two programs to allow conmartealco tohwon woe processes usng the enccarcdoccang molar.= based on Walsh codas.
The sender / receiver program: no user MI excite the program usng the IdOwng sweat:
Jomcillename hostname part_ no c Input_Mename
where onacfanarro is the name of your oxecue.hlo ho. restnarno Ire shams, where to onceSer on:gram is located, poem no r Imo pUt named uses ay to cruder p-ogram, and incut_filonarro Is Ire name of you input Ala.
This program receives the nformatco ascot the heron* and the pat number from to command leo and roads the eorrnabon about the transmissco roqua from a llo using 1.0 roared:co. Input Format the Mod ale MI Sways haw tree Ines reprosereng tho request ham process 1. 2. And 3 respectively. 34 ,news t wraps:mom ir. wwwww • 15 a news 2 =rep bras I r. wwwwews 27 x nem. 3 =rep brats 2r. wwww.7
• The amt vdue W each line roprosenb the CI of the process Itch tie carrell process wants m arena • The second valua of oath lino repast:oh to era Onager value) that the curiosl precoss wash to seed. The range of the value MI to between zero and sown. Based on this restretlon to enteeltigdecceltig rnachansrn will Sways rep-gent to data hold Mth tree ens.
Ater readng the input !le. trio roneentocenor reran MI create time chid procossos irectesertng processes 1. 2. and 3). Each chid process wit croak) a socket to a) send the rogues. .o to *moor programwren” dearoton process ant data. 0) reecho ma anoodod signal (twelve integer values). and the code (bur roger values): c) Decode the message (Mega value between zero and sown) using the rocred infamatcn: and d) era the encoded message. the cede, and the decoded
The encoder program: the user wit OXO,J10 this nogran urn the fcCerwng syntax:
./execillename port_no
when oxecflerome is to name of your maanabk, tie. and port_no is the port nunber to emote the socket The tasks of lit program ast a) Receive the rayon torn each club, process ban the sender / mayor p-ogran: b) Generate the encoded message usrg Walsh cedes: c) Sand the encoded message and carescondrg code to as the chid processes (wattle one seceod between modes): and d) Finish its =corn.
The encoding process: The encoder program MI use Walsh codes of am lour. Each chld process MI have a Walsh code assigned Is the encoder program (an for Mild I. to for Mild 2, ws for chid 3) To gcnorato the encoded message. to encoder program has to ransom Ito ntegor vat* scot by a dirt to m binary Rotas …don (tree bib). Each tat of the vauo sent by Ito clam MI be encoded (‘speed’) by the comrspcnarg Wald code. Based on the tout Ile we haw: FIN child press 1: Value .4. Balmy. 41 -1-1 (blear form. pearl legin Encoded Meesge 1 (BO Balmy • wy • • 1 • 1 -1 41 - .141.141
E1A,, -10.10.1 41 .1 41.1 41.1



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