Object Oriented Design And Programming Oodp101 Analyse And Dissect Simple Design And 4135326

Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to:
a. Analyse and dissect simple design and programming problems
b. Demonstrate basic knowledge of object oriented programming concepts
and syntax
c. Implement a well-designed modularised solution to small programming
d. Develop and/or implement testing schedules
After completing this assessment, you should have developed skills to demonstrate that you are
able to:
Write classes that are subclasses of other classes
Write code that overrides behaviour of inherited methods.
Write code that exploits the benefits of polymorphism
Observe/apply principles of good object-oriented design
1. Individual understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles
Write about 500 words to explain what you have learnt in week 9 and week 10. Use appropriate examples
to illustrate your understanding.



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