Obesity as a Personal Problem and a Social Problem

Discussion: Obesity as a Personal Problem and a Social Problem Introduction to the Activity This Engage discussion activity addresses?Module?Outcomes?1?and 2. In the readings, videos, and websites for Module 1, you were?introduced?to the concept of obesity as both a personal problem, on a micro level of analysis, and a social problem, on?the?macro level?of analysis. In thinking of obesity in this way, you can apply a social problems framework much in the same way?as you would to other?social problems like inequalities in education, for example.? Please use?the assigned materials for this module to address?the prompt?below.?? You may want to access the Readings and Materials page for review. Instructions to Learners Before beginning this activity, be sure to read the Module Notes, assigned readings, and view the assigned videos and websites.?Use as much detail from the readings and other learning materials in the module as possible?to answer the following questions.??? Based on both the Module Notes, the assigned reading,?and video,?to what extent do you perceive obesity to be a personal problem or a social problem?? Why??? What?do you see as the most important?individual?or social?factors that cause overeating??? From your perspective, what do you see as the greatest impact obesity has on society?as a social problem??? PLEASE GO TO THE SWAY LINK PROVIDED BELOW TO VIEW THE MODULE NOTES SOC221 Module 1 Notes: The Social Problems Framework The Module Notes introduce the discussion of obesity as both a personal and social problem, which is used to conceptualize obesity from a social?problems?framework.?The notes summarize key?… Go to this Sway https://sway.office.com/U22shywFzsMjGut4?ref=Link&loc=play

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